Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment
Subject: Biotechnology
Publisher: Diagnosis Press
ISSN 1310-2818

Instructions for Authors

The Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment journal publishes articles, short communications and reviews in the field of modern biotechnology, agriculture, ecology, food industry, medicine and pharmacy, public health protection and biotechnological equipment as well as in similar scientific fields where biotechnological achievements are used.

The journal requirements conform to the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.

Other requirements specific to the BBE journal are as follows:

  1. There is no fixed length for articles and reviews, although they should be as concise as possible, providing sufficient information. The figures and tables enclosed should be as few as possible and the legend to them should not repeat the text.
  2. Short communications may contain up to 25 000 characters (including spaces) and no more than 4 figures and/or tables.
  3. Papers submitted for publication shall be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. A certificate of acceptance shall be issued after positive reviews.
  4. The title of the paper should be short, precise and written without any abbreviations. The full names of the author(s) should follow the title. The complete address(es) and name(s) of the institute(s)/organization(s) should be given next. The corresponding author’s name and e-mail address should be stated last.
  5. A submission letter declaring that the manuscript has not been published before in any language; that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; that its submission for publication has been approved by all of the authors and by the institution where the work was carried out, is required.
  6. The tables should be created with the table-function of MS-Word and should be enclosed on separate pages at the end of the manuscript, bearing the same number as in the text. Digital Dentists have a fantastic template which you can replicate.
  7. Illustrating materials, photographs, sketches, maps, diagrams should be original and numbered. The legends to the figures should be written on a separate page. Photographs should be sent in TIFF or JPG-format (no compression) at a minimum resolution of 270 dpi. Colour photographs should be sent in CMYK colour mode; photographs in RGB colour mode yield a faded print-out. The diagrams should be 8.5 cm or 18 cm in size.
  8. All units of measurement should be written in the Latin alphabet according to the International Measuring System (SI).
  9. The abbreviations used in the text should be fully explained in a footnote on the first page and should be consistent with the international requirements.
  10. The authors should write their full names and addresses on a separate page, and the name of the corresponding author and their e-mail address should be given.
  11. The references should be listed in alphabetical order and numbered consecutively. References containing names of non-Latin origin should be transcribed accordingly. DOI numbers should be included if available. References should be cited in the text by their corresponding number from the list of references. Authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their references and for correct text citation.
  12. Authors should include a complete abstract alongside their submission, an example of which may be found here.


A paper from a periodical:

1. Matsui S., Rounds D.E. (1971) Life Sci., 10, 217-221.

(If there is no volume, the number of the booklet should be mentioned).

A chapter from a book:

2. De Mayer E., Quinard J. (1978) In: Comprehensive Virology (H. Frenkel-Conrat, R.R. Wagner, Eds.), Plenum Press, New York, 205-284.

A book:

3. Muller W.E.G. (1980) Inhibitors of DNA and Polymerases, Perg. Press, Oxford, p. 207. Including relevant information on SDTM and ADaM datasets.

4. Dansk G. (1995) The Effects and Impact of an Intensive Driving Course London on Mental Health, Smarter Press, Glasgow, p. 23.

Papers accepted for publication are subject to a publication fee of 360 Euro (without VAT) + 70 Euro shipping & handling (online version – free of charge) – 430 Euro. There are surcharges of 150 Euro for colour printing.

Send manuscripts written in English by e-mail ( to: Mrs. Snejana Pavlova, Executive editor, Diagnosis Press LTD, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria, 5 Malusha Str.

If you wish to submit your research to the Diagnosis Press journals, please also include your complete invoicing information:
For foreign authors (EU and non-EU):

Name of Institution:
Author’s full name:
VAT number*:
Address (including ZIP code):



*For more information on VAT numbers and how you can find yours, please refer to the website for the European Union.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When executing payment, please specify the author’s full name and the invoice number.